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There are a lot of factors into the costs of false teeth. These factors include the overall health of the mouth, the age of the individual, and number of teeth that are needed and the methods of replacement.

In addition to these factors, there is also the experience and notoriety of the dentist, the cost of living in the place the work is being done, and if dental insurance is available.

All of these factors can make the false teeth costs either higher or lower than the next personís costs.

The overall health of the mouth is a huge factor when determine the false teeth costs. If the gums and jaw bone are in poor condition, the mouth will require more work than if the gums and jaw bone were in better condition. This work will include cleaning, strengthening and potentially performing surgery to increase the health of the mouth. These methods do not necessarily affect the actual cost of the teeth, but it can limit the different types of false teeth that are possible to provide and it does cost a fair amount of money to bring the health of the gums and jaw bone up. In some cases, the methods are purely salvage methods and the gums and jaw bone are only saved for cosmetic, not foundation, uses.

The age of the individual also has a lot of bearing as to the false teeth costs. A younger individual will often cost less than an older person. This is because the younger person often has less damage to their mouth and they are quicker to heal. The older person often requires additional oral work to be done, and the time required to heal completely is often much higher than the more youthful person. This means that more appointment visits will be necessary and additional procedures will need to be done in order to ensure the health of the individual. The insurance policies for the use of anesthesia is also higher when covering a patient who is older than one who is younger since the older the person is, the more risk that is involved.
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